Frequently Asked Questions

I want to work out without my kids. Do you have classes for me?

Yes! Our Body Back® program is for YOU only, Mama. We meet in the evenings, without the kids.

Why Stroller Strides® over the other programs out there?

Stroller Strides® is the original stroller based fitness program and there's a reason we're the largest in the nation. With over 15 years of experience we know how to cater to moms in all phases of life.

With Stroller Strides®, you can attend any of our various programs, at our various locations, with our various instructors. We offer classes throughout Santa Clarita Valley and the surrounding areas.

There are no contracts! We know life gets crazy sometimes so our membership is always month-to-month with options to pause for vacations, births, etc.

Our certified instructors are always also moms. We understand what your bodies are going through and give lots of options for all levels of fitness. We know you are happy if your little ones are happy, so we weave songs, tickles and more fun into classes.

What type of exercises do you do in Stroller Strides®/Stroller Barre®? Is it just a walking group?

No! Stroller Strides® and Stroller Barre® are total body workouts designed for all fitness levels. Designed specifically for moms, each class includes a warm-up, intervals of walking or running, and stations that include strength and conditioning using resistance bands, body weight exercises and the environment. We are a unique mama-baby fitness program in that we also entertain the kids with songs, games and movement while exercising! We finish each class with a cool down, additional core work and stretching.

I'm not a new mom, Does FIT4MOM® offer any classes for me?

Yes! Our Body Back® program is perfect for women at any stage of their lives who are motivated to achieve their fitness goals.

What if my baby gets fussy in the stroller?

Our classes are the safest places to be if something is bothering your baby. We are all moms and have dealt with fussy babies and cranky children at some point in class! Your child will most likely not be the loudest or noisiest in class that day. ;)

For toddlers and older children we recommend bringing some toys, snacks or other items to keep them entertained. Our instructors are great at offering modifications for all exercises while carrying your baby, as well as providing exercises, songs and activities to include the children.

FIT4MOM® is one of the few places you can bring your child to workout, so our first priority is the happiness of your baby. Feel free to tend to your baby first; nurse/feed your baby at any station if needed, change a diaper if necessary, administer snacks. We stop every few minutes for body toning, you can always catch up with us if you get behind. If your baby ever fusses so much that you miss an entire class, we will happily credit you another class. Our instructors will do their very best to make the class enjoyable for both you and your baby!

Do I have to keep my baby in the stroller?

For your child's safety and your peace of mind, we urge you to keep your child in the stroller from "start to smile," Children who need to be held, fed, or nursed are always welcome to come out when needed. Please click below for age-specific tips on how to keep your child content in the stroller.

What happens if it rains?

If it rains, our classes will meet indoors. The location will be announced to all those enrolled in class no later than one hour before class starts.

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