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"I never knew how unbelievably good it felt to be strong." - Wendy's BODY BACK Experience

I was first introduced to Body Back and its amazing transformations when I started doing Stroller Strides. I remember seeing these moms and in what seemed like a blink of an eye, (but was really 8 weeks), seeing them get stronger, faster, toning up and being in amazing shape. I kept thinking, “I’d love to do that, but I don’t think I have the will power”, or thinking, “Well, I have twins, so it would be impossible for me to miss two bed times a week.” Once my twins were a year old, my husband and I had a good routine going for bed times, and the bed times were becoming a bit easier, so I asked him if I could do Body Back and he said I should go for it. I signed up for the next session. My goals walking in were to tone up, lose inches and get stronger. I told myself I was not going to focus on losing weight because I didn’t really have any weight to lose.

Body Back started and immediately I fell in love with the workouts. I had been very lucky with pregnancy in that it kind of reset my body, and my weight was below my pre-pregnancy weight, so for me, Body Back wasn’t as much for weight loss as it was for me to tone up and get stronger. For my whole pregnancy and while breastfeeding twins, I never had to worry about what I was eating and how much I was eating. I was lucky enough to be losing weight while I was breast feeding and not watching what I ate. That being said, I knew I had to change my eating habits because I was done breastfeeding, and I knew if I didn’t change, I would start to gain weight. Problem was, I didn’t really know how to eat like a normal person anymore. I wasn’t sure about portion sizes, I knew that eating low carb, high protein, worked well with my body from previous experiences, but beyond that, I was lost. So for me, the most daunting part when starting Body Back was the idea of the eating plan. Even though I was working out hard at Stroller Strides, my body was not toning up how I wanted it to, so I knew that I had to stay strict with the eating plan once Body Back started. I decided to challenge myself, and to prove to myself that I could stick to the eating plan. The body back eating plan was really easy to follow, and my family and I fell in love with several of the recipes. Eating 5 times a day helped me not feel hungry in between the smaller meals, and eating more protein gave me a lot more energy and helped me feel fuller longer.

Walking into Body Back, I knew I could handle the workouts. I knew they’d be hard, but I was always an athlete, so I thrived on being pushed and pushing myself physically. Before my pregnancy I had chronic hip pain and conditions that required multiple hip surgeries. I was not able to stand or walk more than 5 minutes at a time, but some how the pregnancy reset that as well so I was eager to see what my body could do. As the session progressed, I could tell I was getting stronger, and I could see my body toning up. Even though I walked in knowing I wasn’t going to lose much weight, I did find myself focusing on that, and getting down if the scale wasn’t decreasing as much as I liked. At that point, I confided in Jamie, the Body Back instructor, about how discouraged I was starting to feel. She put things in perspective for me and reminded me that it wasn’t all about weight, we discussed what my goals were, which was really to lose inches and get stronger, and she gave me some options on how to reach my goals and stay motivated. One suggestion she had was doing a plank challenge or a pushup challenge. I really liked this idea because I was able to be reminded daily that I was getting stronger, because every day I saw that I was doing more push ups, or holding my plank longer.

When the session ended, I had reached all my goals. I knew I was getting stronger and I was hoping I had lost some inches. When we did our final measurements and final assessments, I saw how much I had improved and how I had lost inches on all parts that were measured, not only was I happy, but I was extremely proud of myself. Proud of myself for accomplishing a goal I had set, one I wasn’t sure I could achieve. I walked out of Body Back with a new perspective. It’s not weight loss I’m after; it is continuing to get stronger and stronger. I never knew how unbelievably good it felt to be strong. Even though I was an athlete my whole life, I’ve never been stronger than I am at this point. Here I am, 33 years old, mom of two-year-old twins, and I’m in the best shape of my life, and it’s all thanks to Body Back and the amazing instructors at FIT4MOM Santa Clarita. Since my first session, I’ve continued to do Body Back and now Body Back Boost. My favorite part of being a Body Back Boost member has been getting to watch the new moms come in and getting to watch their amazing transformations.


Total Inches Lost: 3.5

Total Pounds Lost: 3.2

Mile: -0:07

Bicep Curls: +11

Plank: +0:28

Push-Ups: +10

Sit-Ups: +4

Squats: +17

Triceps Dips: +15

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