FIT4MOM Santa Clarita Valley: United in Motherhood

Imagine a place in Santa Clarita Valley where moms can gather - with their kids - to work out and socialize, and no one bats an eye if your little one is having a bad day. FIT4MOM Santa Clarita Valley provides moms and soon to be moms just such a sanctuary. The fitness instructors are known to read to the kids between shouting out the next set of reps and blow bubbles to help keep baby happy while mommy completes her cardio. Through class options like Stroller Barre and Stroller Strides, moms bring their stroller aged kids to the workout and don’t have to leave their babies in a gym daycare in order to get their fitness fix.

With close to 1500 locations across the country, FIT4MOM Santa Clarita Valley is in good company, providing strong, safe workouts for local moms. Its instructors are certified nationally in pre and postnatal fitness. “FIT4MOM is recognized by the American Council on Exercise as the leading experts in pre/postnatal fitness in the industry,” explains FIT4MOM Santa Clarita Valley owner, Dani Cohen.

FIT4MOM Santa Clarita Valley has been in the valley for over 10 years; Dani has owned the franchise since September 2015. “I started as a member out here,” she recalls, “and it just changed my life so much. I was the first of most of my friends to have a baby when I had Parker and no one could relate really to what I was going through. I just felt like I needed to meet other people who were in the same season of life as I was in, and FIT4MOM gave me an avenue to do that. I actually started in Prenatal Fit4Baby when I was pregnant...so I was around other pregnant moms and I was able to ask them all those weird questions [about the pregnancy experience].” In addition to owning the program, Dani also instructs various classes throughout the week.

Another current instructor - and a former owner of the Santa Clarita FIT4MOM franchise, Christine Beaumont, provides her unique experience on the program. “I believe that FIT4MOM brings a special dynamic to Santa Clarita Valley. We strive to bring moms together during a new period of their lives. As we become moms we have to adapt to lack of sleep and multi-nightly feedings as well as our body’s healing from a miraculous event. Both as instructors and members we come together all in the different stages of motherhood and help each other. As instructors we…have all been in their shoes, so we can adapt fitness to each individual phase of their new motherhood, even down to that specific day the moms are having,” relates Christine.

“It is the most amazing thing to see all these unique women so united in motherhood,” remarks Cohen. “Our classes are more than just a workout. Real friendships form in our village. We are really there for each other. When a mom is struggling there’s a meal on her porch. If a mom is celebrating we’re all celebrating.”

The camaraderie mothers find in the FIT4MOM program was a draw for member Staci Daniels-Sommers, a first-time mother who joined the program last August. Staci found the fitness community to be an integral part of her social connections upon first moving to the Santa Clarita Valley. “FIT4MOM was essential for me to get my bearings in Santa Clarita. As soon as we knew we were moving to SCV, I searched for opportunities to meet moms. I found FIT4MOM right away and signed up a month after we arrived. Through the classes, Mom’s Nights Out, and family field trips, we have made some very close friends and learned. We’ve had fun exploring SoCal with our FIT4MOM friends.”

FIT4MOM Santa Clarita Valley not only includes Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre classes for moms who want to bring their children to class, but also a Prenatal Fit4Baby class for pregnant women and Body Back classes in the evenings for moms who want to ditch the kids and have an hour of workout time all for themselves. The Body Back Transformation consists of an 8 week program, which includes fitness assessments, meal plans, goal setting and food journaling. Dani was quick to point out that there is no calorie counting involved in the journaling. Classes are held twice a week with additional access to online workouts from home. The high intensity workouts will get you moving and sweating.

“Our workouts are designed with every mom in mind, and really tailored to honor where she’s at that day,” says Dani. “In our classes we have moms who have been athletes their entire lives, and moms who have never put their foot in a sneaker. We have moms who come to class because they have a goal they are trying to reach, and we have moms who come to class just because they want to hang out with their friends.”

This summer, the program has also added FIT4MOM Santa Clarita Valley’s first Run Club, led by a certified running coach, and evening Stroller Strides classes for those who can’t make the morning classes. FIT4MOM Santa Clarita Valley will also be continuing its Our Village program for its members, which includes monthly Mom’s Night Outs and field trips, family BBQs and weekly playgroups every Wednesday for an hour following class.

When asked where she sees the program in 2 years Dani responds, “Reaching all the moms! As we grow, we continue to bring new programs, new locations, and new class times to the Santa Clarita Valley. If you are a mom in Santa Clarita, you will want to be a part of the FIT4MOM family. FIT4MOM will be where ALL the mom things happen!” With Dani’s passion for what she does, she is well on her way to fulfilling that goal.

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