Crunches While Pregnant?

Cosmo recently released this article with the headline "People Are Pissed That the 6-Pack Mom Is Doing Crunches While 6 Months Pregnant" after model, Sarah Stage, posted this video of herself doing at home workouts, including crunches and sit-ups. Being the leading pre and postnatal fitness program in the nation, we received a handful of comments and questions once a bunch of our mamas stumbled across the article. Our Global Fitness Director, Farel Hruska, was right on top of answering your FAQs.

There are three main points up for debate within this article + topic:

1. Working out while pregnant as it relates to the safety of baby

2. Core work on her back after 1st trimester (the expert quoted uses old guidelines)

3. Core work as it relates to diastasis recti

Click HERE to hear our FIT4MOM fitness pro, Farel, weighs in on these three main points.

(Photo: FIT4MOM Cedar Mill)

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