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"Body Back has given me so much more than my body back."

Body Back has given me so much more than my “body back.” You expect to see physical changes in a class called “Body Back,” but for me, the mental changes I’ve seen through the last 17 weeks have truly been lifesaving! I started my first Body Back session in March when I was headed back to work after an extended maternity leave due to severe postpartum depression. I had been attending Stroller Strides since December and needed to find a way to keep up with an exercise routine because my work schedule was no longer going to allow me to attend the morning classes. I went to a preview class for Body Back to find out more about it and to see if I could even keep up since I was so out of shape and had gained way too much weight during my pregnancy. I highly recommend taking advantage of the preview classes! What I learned was this was much more than meeting twice a week for a one hour workout class; it was a lifestyle change. It was guidance with nutrition, real recipes for the busy mom that kids and husbands would actually eat, help deciphering what was a better option when eating out, accountability because you had to journal the food you were eating, and most importantly it was a safe an encouraging environment between the amazing instructors and other mamas. I signed up that night after that preview class.

At the beginning of the session we took before photos, measurements and were asked to create SMART goals that we hoped to achieve by the end of the eight weeks. Dani pushed us to dig deep to really find out WHY we were here and what these goals meant to us. I really wanted to work on losing the baby weight and decided that 10 pounds in the eight weeks seemed to be a pretty realistic goal. My 5-month-old daughter was who I told myself I was doing this for but really, once Dani pushed me to really dig deep, it was myself who I needed to do this for!

Along the way I gained an amazing group of women who became my biggest supporters throughout this journey! I may have been the last mama crossing the finish line or completing some of the workouts but I never once felt alone! They cheered me on and would circle back to run with me across the finish line!

By the end of the eight weeks I had lost a total of 20 pounds. and 3 inches in all my measurements. Now, as I near the end of my second Transformation session I have lost a total of 33 pounds. Wow! I had completely underestimated myself! But the biggest change for me was not something that you could see in a picture or measure on the scale. I was finally me again! I had gained my self-confidence back! I was truly happy and smiling again for the first time in what felt like forever!

If you want to be like Brittney and get more than your body back, reserve your spot in our fall Body Back Transformation session here.

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