10 Minute Lower Body Workout You Can do While Wearing Your Baby!

Ever feel like you hustle through an entire day and NEVER set your baby down? We do too, Mama. We know there are days you get no time to do anything for YOU. We know you want to fit a workout in. We know you want to get stronger so you can lift the ever-increasing weight of your baby… or toddler… or six-year-old… We know #themotherhoodisreal when you put your baby down for some exercise and one squat in she’s screaming at a pitch only dogs can hear.

We want you to be able to sneak in a quick workout without having to give up those baby snuggles. So, for International Babywearing Week, we’ve teamed up with Baby K’Tan to bring you a 10-minute lower body workout you can do while snuggling your sweet little in his or her Baby K’Tan carrier. (Head over to babyktan.com/safety for tips on how to get baby settled safely in the carrier).

Happy Snugglercising!


-30 seconds march in place

-30 seconds alternating knees up & around baby

-30 seconds alternating hip circles

-30 seconds heel/toe rocks


-15 squats (hug baby with your arms, keep your weight in your heels, and stick your booty back like you are sitting in a chair)

-20 walking lunges/10 per side (place hands under baby’s bottom, keep shoulders down and back, and front knee stacked directly over ankle to prevent knee injury)

-60-second wall sit (pick your favorite song, look right into baby’s eyes, and sing away!)

-30 calf raises (wrap one arm around baby and place your other hand on the wall or stroller barre® for balance; rise onto the balls of your feet, then back down to flat position)

-15 plie squats (place hands on baby’s back, feet wider than shoulder width apart, feet turned out, pelvis tucked, bend knees to move straight down and straight up)

-60 seconds of kegels (pelvic floor restore, ladies!! To identify your pelvic floor muscles, pull up “down there” like you would if you were stopping urination in midstream. Tighten your pelvic floor muscles, hold the contraction for five seconds, and then relax for five seconds. Repeat).


-Quadriceps stretch: 30 seconds each side (place one hand on wall or stroller barre® for balance, bend your knee and grab your ankle with the other hand)

-Hamstring stretch: 30 seconds each side (straighten one leg out in front of you while sitting back into the opposite leg; place one hand on the nape of baby’s neck to support head and reach down toward your toes)

-Calf stretch: 30 seconds each side (place toe on wall or stroller wheel and heel on ground, straighten leg and feel the stretch)


To shop for the perfect Baby K’Tan carrier for you, head over to babyktan.com/babycarriers

For more safety tips and tutorials on the different Baby K’Tan carrier positions, visit babyktan.com/safety-q-a/ and babyktan.com/hug

To find a FIT4MOM baby-friendly, stroller-based fitness class in your area, visit fit4mom.com and type in your zip code.

Photo cred: Mallery Kellogg Photography

**Disclaimer: always consult your physician before returning to exercise postpartum

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