We often have a strangulated, paradoxical relationship with change. We belong to a natural world that is in love with sketching, erasing, and re-imagining, and exists in the mystical pursuit of replacing each cell in every living body. Even the universe is expanding. But often we take this idea and compress it, bend it, and staple it to the type of change that suffocates new cycles and technology. The type of change that is screaming at us about what we need to do, and be. The type of change that throws rocks at our window while we sleep.



Ever feel like you hustle through an entire day and NEVER set your baby down? We do too, Mama. We know there are days you get no time to do anything for YOU. We know you want to fit a workout in. We know you want to get stronger so you can lift the ever-increasing weight of your baby… or toddler… or six-year-old… We know #themotherhoodisreal when you put your baby down for some exercise and one squat in she’s screaming at a pitch only dogs can hear.

We want you to be able to sneak in a quick workout without having to give up those baby snuggles. So, for International Babywearing Week, we’ve teamed up with Baby K’Tan to bring you a 10-minute lower body workout you can do while snuggling your sweet little in his or her Baby K’Tan carrier. (Head over to for tips on how to get baby settled safely in the carrier).

Happy Snugglercising!


-30 seconds march in place

-30 seconds alternating knees up & around...

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Body Back has given me so much more than my “body back.” You expect to see physical changes in a class called “Body Back,” but for me, the mental changes I’ve seen through the last 17 weeks have truly been lifesaving! I started my first Body Back session in March when I was headed back to work after an extended maternity leave due to severe postpartum depression. I had been attending Stroller Strides since December and needed to find a way to keep up with an exercise routine because my work schedule was no longer going to allow me to attend the morning classes. I went to a preview class for Body Back to find out more about it and to see if I could even keep up since I was so out of shape and had gained way too much weight during my pregnancy. I highly recommend taking advantage of the preview classes! What I learned was this was much more than meeting twice a week for a one hour workout class; it was a lifestyle change. It was guidance with nutrition, real recipes for the busy mom that kids and...


Imagine a place in Santa Clarita Valley where moms can gather - with their kids - to work out and socialize, and no one bats an eye if your little one is having a bad day. FIT4MOM Santa Clarita Valley provides moms and soon to be moms just such a sanctuary. The fitness instructors are known to read to the kids between shouting out the next set of reps and blow bubbles to help keep baby happy while mommy completes her cardio. Through class options like Stroller Barre and Stroller Strides, moms bring their stroller aged kids to the workout and don’t have to leave their babies in a gym daycare in order to get their fitness fix.

With close to 1500 locations across the country, FIT4MOM Santa Clarita Valley is in good company, providing strong, safe workouts for local moms. Its instructors are certified nationally in pre and postnatal fitness. “FIT4MOM is recognized by the American Council on Exercise as the leading experts in pre/postnatal fitness in the industry,” explains FIT4MOM Santa Clarita Valley owner, Dani Cohen.

FIT4MOM Santa Clarita Valley has been in the valley...


Cosmo recently released this article with the headline "People Are Pissed That the 6-Pack Mom Is Doing Crunches While 6 Months Pregnant" after model, Sarah Stage, posted this video of herself doing at home workouts, including crunches and sit-ups. Being the leading pre and postnatal fitness program in the nation, we received a handful of comments and questions once a bunch of our mamas stumbled across the article. Our Global Fitness Director, Farel Hruska, was right on top of answering your...


I Want to Try Stroller Strides, But My Child Won’t Stay in the Stroller!

This is the number one reason moms of toddlers won't try a class, even though our classes are filled with toddlers. And I get it! There was a period of about 6 months where my daughter didn't want to stay in the stroller either. She fussed, she whined. She took off her seat belt and would run around, so I would have to teach and try to catch her at the same time. It was frustrating and exhausting, but it didn't last. If there is one thing I've learned while raising my children, it's that I can be infinitely more patient than them and I will always win in the end. It's because I am their mom and eventually they will have to follow my rules. So to all the moms of toddlers struggling with the idea of coming to a Stroller Strides class, I'd love to share a little mommy-to-mommy advice.

1. Are you sure? Our classes are entertaining. There are jumping, singing mamas. We have puppets, bubbles, new toys and lots of kids. You might be surprised… and your first class is free so you have...


When shopping for fruits and veggies, every mama wants the best for her family, especially her little(s).

Farmer's markets are a great way to connect with your local community, shop farm-to-table, and learn about seasonal produce from hands that grew it with love and hard work.

Before beginning your local farmer’s market adventure, take note of the Environmental Working Group’s 2017 “Dirty Dozen” list, which are fruits and vegetables that have been tested positive for the highest pesticide residues. These are the produce items you always want to shop organic whenever possible.

Every family is on some type of budget, and shopping organic isn’t always in the cards for everyone....


I went home to Wisconsin for two weeks while my husband was still away and essentially had a nervous breakdown. My body, mind and soul knew they could finally take the bench now while my mom and friends cared for Ava.

I had to get help for myself and realized that if I didn’t, I really couldn’t be a mom to Ava at all. So I started a low dose of an antidepressant and they sent me on my way. And ya know what? It really, really helped me. It was astonishing actually. I could slow my thoughts and work through them rather than get all wound up in them. I could spend time with my daughter and not obsess about feedings, naptimes, bedtime and if she was developing appropriately. I started to sleep. I had my family with me and I started to think, maybe I can do this…

After returning home, I realized that once again, I was without a support group. I desperately needed to get out of my house and couldn’t bear the thought of becoming a recluse again with my baby. I went online and started to look for activities and groups I could take my daughter to while meeting other...


I've wanted to get the FIT4MOM blog up and running since I bought the franchise last September. Among the other tasks of running a business and a household, this one only ever made it to the B list and - let's face it - it's difficult enough to even make a dent in the A list. Now I have a two week old who so sweetly nudges me to stay awake nursing for cumulative hours every night, and I can only take so many rounds of Panda Pop. So, I present to you the launch of the FIT4MOM Santa Clarita Valley blog. I intend to use this space to connect with other moms, share tips and tricks from the experts on how to keep your family healthy, and help other moms feel like they're not alone in their battle - whoops! I mean journey - through motherhood.

Speaking of this journey, where it begins is not always a rainbow. For some reason, we mothers often feel ashamed of our struggles. Like if we aren't aces then we are flopping. At the beginning, we are expected to immediately fall in love with this tiny, squishy little stranger. We are to take him or her home and know exactly how to...


Moms, do you see (REALLY see) your strength? Your power? The ABUNDANCE in your life? It's there...but where, you ask?

Your abundance is in your LEGS - Those strong pillars of muscle which connect you to earth and move you through your world with your children in tow. You squat, lunge, sit and stand with such grace and power each and every day. See your strength now?

Your abundance is in your ARMS & SHOULDERS - Your "mom muscles" which hold and carry your beautiful babes. In your arms, they grow, wiggle and experience this beautiful life from the viewpoint you give them. See your strength now?

Your abundance is in your CENTER - Your incredible core is the center of your power, your stability and your launching point. Your world is about physically reacting with your children (in fun and in safety) and your center provides the place where your strength stems from. See your strength now?

Your abundance is in your HEART - You feel so...

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I was first introduced to Body Back and its amazing transformations when I started doing Stroller Strides. I remember seeing these moms and in what seemed like a blink of an eye, (but was really 8 weeks), seeing them get stronger, faster, toning up and being in amazing shape. I kept thinking, “I’d love to do that, but I don’t think I have the will power”, or thinking, “Well, I have twins, so it would be impossible for me to miss two bed times a week.” Once my twins were a year old, my husband and I had a good routine going for bed times, and the bed times were becoming a bit easier, so I asked him if I could do Body Back and he said I should go for it. I signed up for the next session. My goals walking in were to tone up, lose inches and get stronger. I told myself I was not going to focus on losing weight because I didn’t really have any weight to lose.

Body Back started and immediately I fell in love with the workouts. I had been very lucky with pregnancy in that it kind of reset my body, and my weight was below my pre-pregnancy weight, so for me, Body Back wasn’t as...

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